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Roller Press Structure The roller press consist of force feeder, rollers,dual output shaft speed reducer,drum-gear coupling,working platform,hydraulic station,hydro-cylinder, main motor and so on.
The force feeder is used to mix the powdery materials in the hopper and initially compact the materials by the spiral conveyer .The speed of spiral conveyer can be adjusted according to the characteristics of different materials to ensure the strength of materials initially compacted. Then the roller press compact the initial materials further into high-density pieces with pressure supplied by the hydraulic station to ensure the strength of piece products.
Roller Press Structure Roller Press Features
The spiral conveyer of the force feeder feeds the materials to rollers parts uniformly,stably,constantly.The procedure can meet the different technology requirements of production by controlling feeding amount with transducer.
The roller system consists of fixed roller, moving roller, bearing chock, bearing, hydro-cylinder, positioning block, lock bolt and so on.The distance between two rollers and the moving
roller`s pressure can be adjusted.
The main bearing gasket uses flourine rubber skeleton as oil seal materials.It has characteristics of low temperature and resistance and anti- aging. By adjusting the pads to adjust the fit cleareance between the twisted dragon base (screw auger)and roller shaft,and the tolerance clearance between the side plates of twisted dragon and the end face of roller set to ensure the sealing effect of the extrusion press cabin.
The roller structure  The hydraulic power unit consists of oil pump, motor, hydraulic module, controlling instrument, accumulator, 24V DC power supply and so on., The pressure control system has the function of manual and automatic control.The manual control has functions of manual compression and manual decompression.The automatic control with functions of automatic pressure and automatic pressure relief.The oil pump outlet pressure digitally displays on the panel meter of the control instrument. The hydaulic power unit The hydraulic power unit:
All the gears and gear shafts of the dual output shaft speed reducer use harden face gear and high quality low carbon chromium nickel alloy steel as materials. The tooth surface are made by high precision grinding device after carburizing and quenching.The gear design can meet the requirements for working two years at a stretch.The gear strength is calculated by using GB3480 / ISO/AGMA.The rolling bearings all use high quality bearings of domestic made.The service life of the bearings can be more than twenty thousand hours.The reducer casings adopt welding structure and are given the treatment of stress relief annealing after welding and rough machining.