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  • NAME: Single Segment Rotary Cutter
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Main Technical Parameter
Clamp Diameter <400mm
Product Processing Length <260mm
Rotary Cutting Thickness 0.9mm-5.6mm
Total Power Of Electric Motor 9.0kw
Overall Dimensions 2.7m×2.0m×1.5m
Total Weight 2000kg
The Single Segment Rotary Cutting Machine Operation Instructions:
Adjust the short wood revolving center position at the manual side, put the peel-off wood between the revolving centers, and then quickly start the motor to clamp the wood.
The auxiliary clamping jaw should be used when the wood is over 200mm in diameter in order to prevent the wood core idling. The knife sets can be managed moving forward or backward by that electromagnetic driving the clutch worm gear and worm, and the screw rod and nut driving the skateboard. When the rotary cutting knife is getting close to the auxiliary clamping jaw, should press the rewind button for the electric drive pusher to make the auxiliary clamping back to its original position, during this process the knife sets still move on. When the wood is peeled to the minimum diameter, the collision block under the skateboard of knife sets will hit the drive shaft clutch on to make the worm gear and the shaft idling and the knife sets to a halt, while the split nuts are off the feed screw and move the hand wheel for the skateboard to make the knife sets retreat back, then press down the retreat button of the fast forward motor for the spindle to make the revolving center to be back, remove the wood core and replace it with another one.
If you want to produce the veneers of different thickness, should stop the machine and choose the change gear for the different thickness veneer.